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Off-grid kit: Bluetti EB70 solar generator + PV200 foldable solar panel

Off-grid kit: Bluetti EB70 solar generator + PV200 foldable solar panel

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This off-grid kit is a great all-in-one off-grid power solution for camping, RVs or any outdoor activity that requires portable, reliable, noiseless and clean power supply!

The kit includes Bluetti EB70 portable solar generator and Bluetti PV200 foldable solar panel rated at 200W.

Bluetti EB70 portable solar power station is a lightweight, extremely portable power source for any AC appliance (230V / 50Hz) up to 1,000W and any DC appliance (12V) up to 120W. It is ideal for camping, boating or any leisure activity that requires independent off-grid power, or as an emergency power source for any home or business.

The big advantage of the Bluetti EB70 is the LiFePO4 battery. A LiFePO4 battery has a long lifespan of over 2500 cycles, after which battery capacity would still be at least 80%. Apart from occasional recharging, Bluetti EB70 does not require active maintenance to extend its life. 

Bluetti EB70 Power Station can be charged from a wall socket through 200W mains adapter, or from 12V car charger, or in combination with solar panels (max 200W / 28V). Approximate charging time from AC wall socket is under 4 hours.

With a battery capacity of 716 Wh and a maximum power of 1000 W (1400 W peak load), various devices can be supplied with energy, including small kettle, power tools, tablets, laptops, drones, lighting, TVs, medical equipment and small refrigerators. The Bluetti EB70 has several outputs, from USB-A, USB-C PD (2 x 100 W each), Wireless Qi, 12V - 10A & 230 volt AC.

The Bluetti EB70 is equipped with a clear display on the front. You can view the input and output in Watts and Volts. The display also clearly shows the charging status of the battery.

With the Bluetti EB70 you always have a reliable backup at hand. As an emergency supply at home, but also as an ideal power supply at the campsite, on the boat, or during outdoor adventures.

EB70 has the following main specifications:

  • LiFePO4 battery 716Wh
  • 1,000 Watt pure sine wave inverter (AC output  230V / 50Hz), two AC socket outlets
  • 120 Watts DC output (12V / 10A)
  • 4 USB ports (3A) and 1 USB-C output (45W)
  • MPPT charge controller 12V-28V / 200W max
  • Wireless Charging: QI
  • AC charger
  • Dimensions: 320 x 217 x 222mm
  • Weight: 9.7kg
  • 2 years warranty

Bluetti PV200 / 200W portable solar panel compatible with most Bluetti solar generators:

  • Monocrystalline Solar Cells With Up to 23,4% Efficiency
  • Long-lasting ETFE Coating
  • Foldable & Portable
  • Compatible with Bluetti EB3A, EB50, EB55, EB70, EB150, EB240, AC200/MAX, AC300 / B300, AC500 / B300S, EP500
  • 12-month Warranty

Solar panel specifications


Model: PV200
Power: 200W
Lamination: ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)
Cell Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
Cell Efficiency: Up to 23,4%
Voltage at Max Power(Vmp): 20,5V
Current at Max Power(Imp): 9,7A
Open Circuit Voltage(OCV): 26,1V
Short Circuit Current(Isc): 10,3A


Connector: Standard MC4 Connector
Weight: 16,1lbs (7,3kg)
Dimensions (Unfolded): 23,2 × 89,2in (59 × 226,5cm)
Operating Temperature: 14-149℉ (-10-65℃)
Best Working Temperature: 77℉ (25℃)
Cable Length: 118in (3m)
Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS
Warranty: 12 Months
Included in the kit:
  • Bluetti EB70 Power Station 
  • 200W AC adapter
  • Solar charging cable (MC4 to DC 7909 connector)
  • Car Charging Cable (Car Plug to DC 7909 connector)
  • User Manual for EB70
  • PV200 solar foldable solar panel, complete with 3m cable, connectors, folding carry bag and user manual
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