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AE Solar METEOR 570W (up to 740W+) bifacial double glass solar panel

AE Solar METEOR 570W (up to 740W+) bifacial double glass solar panel

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AE Solar “Meteor” range of solar panels utilize latest cutting edge N-Type TOPCON technology to deliver unparalleled module efficiency of up to 22.28%. These solar panels use bifacial solar cells, which means that the panel is capable of absorbing direct sunlight from the front side, and diffuse or reflected light from the rear side of the panel.

With incredible bifaciality factor of 85%, this means METEOR solar panel is capable of developing up to 85% of the power rating of the front side also from the rear. In actual installation scenarios, the amount of light available for absorbtion by the rear side of the solar panel depends on many factors, including panel tilt angle, azimuth, and reflective capacity (albedo) of underlying surface. In many situations, rear side gain of up to 20 – 25% of the front side output can be achieved.

This is especially so for specific installation requirements such as when solar panels are mounted on pergolas, carports or agricultural greenhouses, which provides plenty of diffuse sunlight to illuminate the rear side of the panel.

AE Solar METEOR solar panels offered by Virtue Solaris are especially suited for installations in Malta. Due to robust construction with special tempered glass being used on both sides of the panel, AE Solar METEOR solar panels are much more durable than conventional monofacial solar panels which use polymer backsheet instead of glass. Moreover, METEOR solar panels are even more resistant against Malta’s tough climatic environment, exposure to high temperatures, humidity, presence of corrosive salt mist in the air, as well as against other pollutants such as sand and dust and ammonia.

METEOR solar panels are covered with outstanding 30-year power performance warranty, which, even after 30 years of service, guarantees that the solar panel will deliver not less than 87.4% of its originally rated output!

Due to TOPCON technology, METEOR solar panels have exceptionally low temperature coefficient of only -0.31%, which implies that these solar panels perform way better than most conventional monocrystalline solar panels even under very hot summer conditions of Malta. This technology also ensures that the solar panels have practically no light-induced degradation (LID), which reduces performance of conventional solar panels.

Latest AE CMD-144BDS 570W solar panels offered by Virtue Solaris provide unparalleled performance under toughest conditions possible. With the front side of the panel rated at 570W peak output, depending on exact installation site, a total maximum peak output from both sides of over 740W and even more is possible, making this model one of the most powerful and efficient solar panels available on the market today.

Dimensions: 2278mm * 1133mm * 30mm

Weight: 32.5kg


* Note: 2 year warranty applies in case of self-installed, off-grid, marine or vehicle use

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