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Bluetti EB150 portable solar power station

Bluetti EB150 portable solar power station

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Whether you have a boat, a camper, a rural room or a summer retreat without connection to electrical grid, or any place where connection to the grid is unreliable, this unique portable off-grid solar generator will give you a solution for your off-grid power needs.

This all-in-one solar generator is powerful enough to energise most appliances, yet portable enough to take with you wherever you need it. This device is an ideal off-the-grid solution for boats, campers, caravans and similar applications, as well as a perfect back-up / emergency powerbank system for any home or office.

This high-capacity portable power station is equipped with 1500Wh of lithium battery storage, which is a clean and noiseless alternative to a petrol-powered inverter generator, and is powerful enough to produce 1000W of continuous AC power and a 1200W surge.

The station can be re-charged at any time in two ways: either by plugging in to a normal AC household socket, or by connecting to a solar panel via an inbuilt MPPT charge controller.

The station weights only 15.2 kg and with compact dimensions of 371mm * 165mm * 365mm can easily fit in a boot of even the smallest car.

This unique device is extremely safe to use. Its inbuilt battery storage module consists of highly reliable energy cells manufactured by LG, whilst a Battery Management System (BMS) enables short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control advanced safety protection. A conveniently placed LCD screen displays battery status and a variety of other information.

The power station is equipped with a 200W charger for re-charging from a wall socket, as well as with PV input port (DC) for solar charging (open circuit voltage of solar panel must be in 16V-60V range, max current 10A). It takes about 8 hours to fully re-charge the station from a wall socket, or from a solar panel, although exact time of solar charging depends on solar panel power and exposure to the sun.

It is also possible to re-charge the station by plugging it to a 12V DC car cigarette lighter socket via a 300W DC/AC inverter (not included in the package).

The station has the following outputs:

  • 2 * AC230V ports
  • 1 * 12V /9A DC port
  • 1* 45W PD USB-C port (for laptop, drone, etc)
  • 4 * 5V / 3A USB-A ports (for smartphones, cameras, etc)

The in-built battery pack consists of LiFeP04 battery cells, with total storage capacity of 1,500Wh and maximum continuous output of 1,000W. The battery is designed to withstand over 2,500 charging cycles – this is almost 7 years of daily charge-discharge use!

For best battery care, it needs to be recharged at least once every three months.

The power station is covered by a 24 months limited warranty.


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